Brand Concept

MiGung 365˚ is a company which is pursuing Health and Beauty based on 'natural healing' and using tradition herbs . MiGung 365˚ is seeking health, beauty and better life under the motto of 'One degree body temperature will save my body'.

MiGung 365˚ jwahun Spa is loved all around the world and many female members are satisfied with its excellent effect and experience !

Spa Cafe

"MiGung Spa Cafe" is a luxurious relaxation spa cafe for taking care of you, from the inside-out. The combination of traditional Korean Spa and Tea allows you to be rejuvinated both physically and mentally. Special teas are served according to your needs and requirements to bring out the best out of your visit.

Various type of health related products

In "MiGung Spa Cafe", many type of products are related to family health, womens' health and beauty, not only can you find V-SPA but also food stuff, clothes and cosmetics

Pure original traditional tea and organic coffee

100% pure Korean ingredients are used therefore one can enjoy the freshest and the best coffee and tea.

Classic 30-minute Spa Therapy

"MiGung SPA Cafe" offers 4-in-1 Health Therapy, 5-day Detoxification Therapy, 5-day Uterus and Bowel Therapy, 10-day Healthy Enzyme Therapy, 20-day No-Turning back Therapy, 60-day Body Physique Improvement Therapy and a lot more