Brand Philosophy

"MiGung Spa Cafe" is the latest launched brand of MiGung 365˚, in which it is providing various type of spa therapy that not only improves the health and beauty of women but also allows them to enjoy a cup of MiGung korean tea, organic coffee, natural drinks and other beverages that would go hand in hand with their spa experience.

Multiple approach to Spa Therapy

According to the customers' body and health conditions, "MiGung Spa Cafe" provides several Spa therapy such as; dry steam Spa and wet steam Spa combined with various type of extract powder, CC Therapy and Traditional tea. 

Our experienced spa therepist are educated to advise you on which therapy to undergo with your condition or with results that you want to achieve.

"MiGung Traditional Tea" uses 100% pure ingredients

The use of 100% pure Korean ingredients in "MiGung Traditional Tea" has given the opportunity of experiencing Korean tea.

100% Organic Coffee and Drinks

"MiGung SPA Cafe" products  are 100% organic ingredients. We have used strictly selected peaberry to make the organic dining beverages and CC Yeast blended drink.

Various type of healthy products

"MiGung SPA Cafe" makes various type of products related to womens' health and beauty. Despite having the V-SPA, NAVI-SPA, CC Therapy, MiGung Korean block tea, there are more healthy products that we are going to prepare for you in the future.