Interior Concept

Of the exchange space sharing the beauty of Korea

Korean beauty of the pursuit of "the MiGung365 Cafe health is taking care of me by introducing CAFE space to interact with the beauty and spa area, it is a pleasure to share this space of interchange.

'Palace' beauty secret of the imperial space to reproduce

In the Palace turned down on the basis of own technology in order to realize the 'female beauty know-how to govern' MiGung 365, it is the ideal equipment know-how are integrated space.

Beauty Gallery containing the beauty of Korean painting

Spa café space by utilizing the space to showcase the work of emerging artists selected by a traditional painting motif of Korea, suggests the space of the gallery that could be emotionally stable.

South Korea is the world of the most

To inform the Korean beauty in the world, by combining the ingredients and the traditional patterns of Korea and fabric / furniture / Spa Supplies / dagiryu, South Korea's tradition is the age of space.

Exterior facade



V-Spa area