Managed to get approval from the Blue House strict custom authority to honour our supply
Health therapy which is recognized by domestic and overseas health care experts
2012 Republic of Korea Certified Invention Contest Knowledge Economy Division Grand Prize
US famous actress cum singer Mowry Sisters experience Migung in Santa Monica

Beauty & Health Space

Migung 365 is a business of achieving health and beauty based on body temperature therapy to reach the objective of "natural treatment" and "self-immune fuction". Migung 365 relies on the strong belief in "36.5 degree celcius body temperature to preserve health" to pursue a better perfect life

Migung 365 is spreading its wings to the world

Migung 365 is welcomed all over the world. After its incorporation, China Migung has set a total of 5 stores in Shanghai, Qing Dao and Shi Jia Chuang and also opening stores in Malaysia, Australia, Kuwait and Vietnam. In western America, the hospitals are bringing in the SPA facilities; there is a SPA store in the Empire State Building in New York. Japanese NHK and US NBC programs as well as Cable TV channels have also inroduced Korean traditional SPA.

The foot print of Migung 365

From 2007 till do date, Migung 365 has realized continuous development. There are more than 1000 locations comprising of Korean hospitals, SPAs, Beauty salons and others that open franchise stores. Every body is striving for achieving personal and families health protection based on the purusit of belief in health and beauty.

Health therapy which is recognmized by domestic and overseas health care experts

Health therapy of Migung 365 is recognized by domesticc and overseas health care experts. It is used in Guang Dong Korean Hospital, Dong Xin Korean Hospital, Min Na Ji Korean Hospital and other hospitals and health gyms.