The trace of MiGung365

MiGung365 is making a sustainable development from 2007 to the present. MiGung365 is pursuing reliable membership enterprise and distribution network under the belief that healthy life means beautiful life. Migung365 is running a business related on personal and family member's health.



  • Opening up FatAway - Diet club for Women only in Russia


  • Patent Filling and Trade Mark Registered for MiGung365
  • The First Shop of MiGung 365 Shop in Shop in Una Spa at Lotte Hotel
  • MiGung 365, entering into Herbal Clinic such as 'Kwangdong Herbal Clinic', 'Herbal Medical Center and Dongsing University', etc.
    *So far totally 250 shops (Korea)


  • Opening up 'The First Special Brach' of MiGung365 (Korea)
  • Advancing into Russia for the Special Branch of MiGung365
    Opening up at Moscow, Vladivostok, Krasnodar
  • Running Enterprises of Real 20 (MiGung365 Spa + Self Cosmetic)
    Chunan, Asan branch/ Osan, Unam branch/Osan, Galgot branch, Jamsil, Naru branch/Pyungtak, Ichung branch/Anyang, Bisan branch, Chungbuk, Chungju branch/Ulsan, City Hall branch
  • Advancing into Tokyo, Japan
    Opening up, Special Branch of MiGung365 at Shin-Okubo
  • Advancing into Atlanta, USA
    Opening up, Special Branch of MiGung 365
  • Advancing into Viet Nam, New Life Hospital-Introducibng 'Department of East Asian Medicine'


  • Opening up at Kagoshima, Hiroshima, Yokohama
  • Concluding Contract with 'Homeplus'(Preparing to open up)
  • Advancing into New York, USA - Opening up, Special Branch of MiGung365
  • Advancing into New Jersey, USA - Opening up, Special Branch of MiGung365
  • Launching New Product (MiGung 365 Standard Model)
  • Applying for Patent and Trademark of Japan, China and USA
  • Acquiring Japan Electricity Safety (PSE) Autentication


  • Enrolled as a Venture company
  • Breakthrough of 700 shop in shop enrollmen
  • MiGung365 jwahun cafe franchise business start
  • The 1st of February in 2013, 1st franchise shop open, currently 60 franchise are successfully running
  • Patent applications related Jwahungi (V-spa) and lower-body bath (Navispa)
  • Launching three kinds of health food (CC Theraphy)
  • Sakura Group, Japan's Largest distributor and reseller of cosmetic products made a contract for sole agency
  • New Concept (Navispa) will be released exposed on American broadcasting like NBC, CBS, Playboy TV and many domestic broadcasting also