MiGung 365 Membership Program

1. V-Spa Therapy

Becoming so important like the second heart, the womens' uterus can receive the benefits of steaming and foot bath at the same time.

2. Specific Extract Powder Therapy

9 Type different pure natural Korean style extract powder will accord body and health condition of each person to exert the different effect

3. Amplifying SPA effect with Tea Therapy

Migung 365 Korean block tea uses 100% pure Korean raw materials, it is suitable for any person who is using healthy tea.

4. CC Enzyme providing you the taste and nutrients

5-grain CC Enzyme which is a substitute for one meal, can be a beverage that provides sufficient nutrients for our body.

Migung 365 Member Management (4-in-1 of 30 minutes Health Program)

Migung 365 "4-in-1 of 30 minutes Health Program" is made up of SPA Therapy, Extract Powder Therapy, Tea Therapy and CC Enzyme.

Member Management Program
1 Month 3 Month 6 Month
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Migung 365 Member Management (Group Purchase)

"Migung 365 Member Group Purchase Program" is a program set up to provide better convenience in purchasing the products for members' friends and families.

Member Group Purchase Program


50-time discount voucher

(to be used within 3 months period)

100-time discount Voucher

(to be used within 5 months period)

Please refer to our price list