MiGung 365 Spa Program

5-DAY DETOXFICATION THERAPY (Bowel is healthy, body is healthy!)

5-day Detoxification Therapy is the first performed therapy in the Migung SPA Therapy, this therapy emphasize on improving bowel motion to facilitate smoother passing of motion. The Therapy consists of 30-minutes-half-body bath NAVI-SPA, CC extract which helps in bowel detoxification and drinking Migung Traditional Korean Tea, therefore detoxification and weight loss can be achieved in this way. (5 times within 7 days)

5-DAY UTERUS AND BOWEL THERAPY (Uterus is healthy, you have real beauty!)

5-day Uterus and Bowel Therapy is specific for the detoxification of womens' so-called "second heart" -- the uterus and bowel. Uterus and bowel is the basis of health for a woman. Having both in healthy condition can only embrace the wonderful joy of being a woman. Please use Extract Powder to perform "Sit Steaming V-SPA"; use CC Fibre Powder and drink Korean block tea to regulate the health and beauty. (7 times within 10 days)

10-DAY HEALTHY ENZYME THERAPY (Lose 4% weight in 10 days)

10- day Healthy Enzyme Therapy is the therapy for losing 4% body fat within 10 days. Use Extract Powder to perform 30-minutes "Sit steaming V-SPA"; take CC Therapeutic 3 types combination, and take together with Korean block tea then you can achieve the remarkable weight loss result.

20-DAY NO-TURNING-BACK THERAPY (No rebound and safe to lose weight)

"20-day No-Turning-Back Therapy" resolves your rebound problems through improving your body conditions to keep you confidence in losing weight. As we hope to lose weight through the 20-day No Rebound Safe Therapy to boost the body condition, please use Extract Poweder t o perform 30-minutes "Sit Steaming V-SPA"; use CC Therapy 3 type combination, and take together with Korean Tea then you can achieve maximum weight loss result. (20 times within 1 month)

60-DAY BODY IMPROVEMENT THERAPY (Detoxify GO, Healthy GO, No Rebound GO)

"60-day Body Improvement Therapy" is synergistically combined with the technical specialty of Migung 365. Migung SPA is the therapy which provides not only weight loss effect but also eliminates toxin through improving the body conditions, and revives the health conditions to prevent rebound problem after weight loss. 60-day Body Improvement Therapy will target: Single women, women who have gained weight rapidly after delivery, post-gynaecological surgery, women who would like to regain normal body figure.