Spa Therapy

The Spa Therapy is suitable for all

MiGung 365 has prepared various type of SPA Therapy

The combination of 9 type of extract powder and 9 type of traditional tea under MiGung creation is suitable for all body conditions and can bring its effectiveness into full play and simultaneously contribute to the mental health.

MIGUNG 365 MEMBER MANAGEMENT (30 Mins, 4-in-1 of 30-minutes Health Therapy)

MiGung 365 "4-in-1 Health Program" is constituted of SPA Therapy, Extract Powder Therapy, Tea Therapy and CC Enzyme. (1 month, 3 months and 6 months)

5-DAY DETOXIFICATION THERAPY (When the bowel is healthy, your body will b e healthy too!)

30-minute "NAVI-SPA" half-body bath is utilizing CC Fibre powder which can help in bowel detoxification; drink pure natural Korean Tea to increase body temperature and to detoxify for weight loss at the same time. (Perform 5 times within 7 days)

5-DAY UTERUS AND BOWEL THERAPY (When your uterus is healthy, your real beauty really outshine!)

Please use Extract powder to perform "V-SPA" and use CC Fibre powder and drink Korean Tea to regulate health and beauty. (Perform 7 times within 10 days)

10-DAY HEALTHY ENZYME THERAPY (Lose 4% of body weight within 10 days!)

Please take the challenge to lose 4% body fat within 10 days. Use Extract powder to perform "V-SPA" and 3 type of CC Therapeutic combination, in addition to drinking Korean block tea together will provide maximum weight loss result. (Perform 10 times within 20 days)

20-DAY NO-TURNING-BACK THERAPY (No Rebound and Safe Weight Loss)

Hope to improve body condition via 20-day No Rebound Safe Weight Loss Therapy. Use Extract powder to perform 30-minute "V-SPA"; use 3 type of CC Therapeutic combination in addition to drinking Korean Tea together, can achieve maximum weight loss result. (Perform 20 times within 1 month)

60-DAY BODY IMPROVEMENT THERAPY (Detoxify GO, Heatlhy GO, No Rebound GO!)

60-day Body improvement Therapy is equivalent ot he summary version of MiGung SPA Program. It is though various type of SPA Therapy that we can firstly detoxify then become healthy and finally lose weight without regret to maintain our health.