Ms. Debbie and Ms.Lia
Real Results after regular MiGung treatment and V-Spa, she's now finally pregnant.

True results... We're so happy to share this good news with everyone! One of Migung Singapore customer Mrs. Mio is...

Posted by Migung Singapore on Wednesday, January 13, 2016
Mrs. Mio
Feel Great and relaxing after having Navi Spa and V-Spa Thanks to MiGung ! Shirley Tan
Testimony from our Korean customer: after 3 yrs no menses at all.. finally her menses come. After 3x of Migung. Amazing result! Come and try MiGung V-steam and feel the difference. Improve both your Health and Beauty at MiGung.

Another testimony from our Korean customer: after 3 yrs no menses at all.. finally her menses come. After 3x of Migung....

Posted by Migung Singapore on Monday, December 21, 2015
Mrs. Seung

Testimony on MiGung detox spa treatment as well as CC fiber !! When everyone love the results why not give it a try. For inquiries please contact us Telp:+65 67330857+65 91881260

Posted by MiGung 365º, Singapore on Sunday, September 20, 2015
Venny // Singapore
I had a varicose veins surgery last year but it still feel itchy occasionally. Migung spa has been helping me improve my post surgery side effects. After I do migung treatment regularly twice a week I feel much better, besides that I even lose 2kg and both my tummy and tight areas become firmer. Jane // Singapore
Her testimony on her experience with MiGung detox spa as seen on the picture here:

Customers testimony on their experience with MiGung spa. Share the beauty secret, MiGung offer natural detoxification...

Posted by MiGung 365º, Singapore on Thursday, September 17, 2015
Ms. Anonymous // Jurong Singapore
CC fiber is surprisingly simple and fuss free to consume. Unlike those other powder fiber I have to drink a lot to see the effect. I like that it cleanses and detox effectively within 2 weeks to see the results. Pearl // Singapore
At first, I wasn't keen to try the fiber but after the store manager (Mevie Yanie) explains and convinces me, I finally tried. Out of my surprise, the results were really good, I'm able to poo freely and I feel my body was so light. It's indeed a great recommendation should try, together with the spa :) Carol // Age: 30 // Singapore
Enak looo SPAnya, u know, gw datang dalam keadaan perut kiri gue lagi sakit banget, coz asam lambung naek, maybe paginya kurang tidur + puasa juga. Abis SPA, langsung perut gue enak lho! anginnya juga keluar semua. English: The SPA is really good, i came with pain in my left stomach, maybe due to my GASTRIC level is up, because i have not enough sleep and also fasting, after SPA my stomach felt really good, and all the wind also gone. Niken, PIK, 33 ,tourist, indonesian
iya yen, badan jadi entengan setelah spa itu sih, abis keringetan terus ya, kapan buka di PIK?. Lenny H, 42 years , tourist indonesian
When you do not 'feed' your health when you are young You will 'feed' the Doctor when you are Old Cheers John Seah
" Good Experience to try out the V-Spa as i can really sleep well after the first trial , as i had insomnia for many months. Feel Fresh!" Plus was having constipation problem too, but after taking FIBER , it was no longer an issue for me! Thanks Migung365 Singapore! Shirley Tan
This treatment is an awesome way to detox !! It has slimming benefit too .. Ivana Kurniawan Lim
1st in Singapore.. Natural beauty from within Christina Nicole Poh
Yes, Great Spa System help changing you a healthier life Justin Ong B P
I Left Mi Gung365 totally in awe! This Spa cafe is really 100% different from all spas & you'll never imagine the health benefit it can bring you. Will blog about it soon! http://n-icolawong.blogspot.co.id/2015/06/migung-365.html Nicola Wong
"It works like magic everytime" Ivana Klim